Sweet! I just got a couple of images to save via typing command-lines in on the elphel shell. Here's the first:

First image captured non-interactively from Elphel!

Oops, I wasn't aiming the camera or anything. Here's try #2:

First -aimed- image from Elphel, direct

Hi, Phil!

Elphel is working!

Posted by lindes on 7 May 2008

Many many thanks to the folks over at Elphel, Inc. for sending us a camera. We got it last week, and after some careful wiring (we were worried about supplying 12 volts to data lines, though apparently our worries were mostly superfluous, as they had accounted for that), we got it working last Sunday! Yay!

The web interface is amazingly complex, especially since it seems to all be html and javascript, without any flash or anything. Very slick. There's so much crammed into it that I had to spend some time figuring things out, but we definitely got images!

Images from the initial testing of the camera can be seen here. More will be added as I progress.

Much more to do, and alas I'm a bit behind, but I plan to work on this for a good number of hours over the next couple days, and I expect we'll have images from space within a few days time!

OK, back to work. :-)


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