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This is to be the project page for the Ahab Missions. It should link from the Projects page. It should contain the information about Ahab, press, etc.

About Ahab 2 - The Mission

Last year we launched a weather balloon into the edge space with a bunch of cameras. Unfortunately, we didn't recover it so we're going for try #2.

REHAB is the standard parachute-recovery payload with more goodies in it.

HABIT is an autonomous glider that will attempt to fly back to its launch point.

The People

We're a group of technically minded individuals who come together from time to time to work on interesting projects. Our focus is on innovative work, done in an open and repeatable manner. Our motive is to do cool things, not to make money.

The Past

For last year's launch, we documented everything on a wiki:


In The Press

And we got some good attention, even if we didn't find the payload:






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