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The Hackerbot Fabric Lab was established for textile hacking. We've made custom-fitted lab coats, kites, "merit badge" patches, tents, and more. We're opening it up to the costuming communities in the Seattle area for open sewing times, workshops, and small classes.

We have a dedicated 200 sq ft area with the following equipment:

  • Two lockstitch sewing machines (Brother and Pfaff)
  • Two sergers (Juki and Babylock), one with side-by-side coverstitch capability
  • One coverstitch/coverhem machine (Babylock)
  • Industrial CNC embroidery machine (Janome) with 4-thread capacity, and digitizing software
  • 3'x6' cutting table fully covered in self-healing mat
  • Rowenta steam generator iron and Reliable 'longboard' (60"x18") ironing board
  • Coming soon: 24" wide roll printer with vellum paper for pattern printing

Current open hours are Wednesdays from 7-10 pm, with your hosts Ratha and/or Susan. Other hours can be available by prior arrangement. Email [fabric@hackerbotlabs.com] for more information or if you'd like to use the space for a workshop or class.

Refer to our Google Group and Google Calendar for latest news.

Photos of the space:

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