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Cracking the Whip

Posted by lindes on 15 July 2011

Just a little something I (ahem) whipped up, from a shoot we had with the Phantom back in Januaary:

Our thanks to Intellectual Ventures Lab for use of the camera!

Fume Hood - NOT for Sale

Posted by lklafleur on 13 July 2011

The fume hood ducting has been completed. Bring on the DIY chemistry. Not much else to's a fume sucks.


Surgical Lights for Sale

Posted by lklafleur on 26 June 2011

Surgical lighting. 4 units, $200 each. Used for home lighting, office lighting, workshop lighting, garage lighting, or DIY dentistry (as shown). Our last operation got shut down and we have no real reason to keep them. Uber bright and focused so you don't have to be. Will mount to your ceiling, which should probably be load-bearing as these things seriously weigh more than your mom (~300 lb). Internally counterbalanced and articulated so they stay where you put them.

Specs: 3 units are round, 2 of these have power supplies (120V 2A). The one without a power supply is $50 off. 4th unit is triple lobed and comes with power supply (120V

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6A). All come with ceiling mounts.

TL;DR: bright. heavy.

contact HBL.stuff@gmail. Note: you'll need a VERY large trunk or pickup truck to get it home.

DIY Dentistry

Mill for sale! (update: SOLD!)

Posted by 3ricj on 16 April 2011

A few weeks back we had an amazing garage sale here at HBL. I wanted to offer a huge thanks to everyone who showed up to help out! Thanks!

However, we still have one lingering toy - - An amazing mill. This device needs a good home. We purchased this mill several years ago - - it was our first mill, and we used it quite a bit for all sorts of projects. It's a large beast - - very stiff - - it can really remove some massive amounts of material. Along with the size, comes very clean cuts. One of the core reasons we purchased this mill and not a small desktop mill was our desire for high quality cuts. Benchtop mills are not very rigid - - they flex a bunch while cutting, and this can cause 'chatter' which impacts the accuracy and quality of the cut. This mill does not suffer from this problem, due to it's size and mass.

Anyway, back to my point. We still have this mill, but we also just purchased a fancy pants cnc mill. Thus, we don't need our trusty standby any more. We've treated it with care and love.. and even added our own glass scale DRO to the system. If you are considering taking our lovely mill home with you, here's some of the highlights:

- ~24x 14x19" of travel.
- about 6 tons
- Will fit through a 8x8 doorway.
- We have a relationship with a rigger who can move it. Cost of moving it is dependant on distance, but something on the order of a several hundred dollars (we paid ~500 to have it brought here from Everett, but rigging costs have gone up a bit)
- 240volt, 3 phase (but could be used on single phase with a phase converter, not included)
- NMBT 50 taper, with LOTS of toolholders included. The tool holders alone are worth a grand or two; no tooling is included.
- Something on the order of 5ph motor, max of 1000RPM.
- Manual transmission - so at low speeds this machine has super torque.
- power feeds on all axis.
- Meister 3-axis BC10M DRO, with glass scales. It does advanced mathematics for you, so says the manual. We paid ~1500 bucks for the DRO system.
- Has some minor oil leaks which we've tried to repair, but it's never seemed worth it to rebuild the seals on the spindle (which is working fine otherwise).
- There is an issue with the gibs which reduces the effective longitudinal travel to about 2/3 of the factory specification of 33 inches, but we've never found this issue preventing us from machining anything. This is likely repairable if the table is removed, but it weighs about a thousand pounds, thus... we've not bothered.
- about 5 gallons of way oil to feed the machine as needed (will likely last a year or two depending on usage of the mill)
- Asking price: $2,000
- Photos can be found here:
- When we purchased the mill in April 2006, we took some photos:
- Interested? email: info ATTY hackerbotlabs DOTTY com

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CNC mill!

Posted by DanHeidel on 4 March 2011

Ah, new toys!  Back at the beginning of the year, the lab acquired a Fadal VMC-20 CNC mill to replace our old Hitachi mill.  The Fadal is an 80s vintage 3-axis machine.  It's in excellent shape and we've spent the last couple months learning how to use it and to interface a modern UI to the front end.  We'll post more details over time but for now, check it out!

Running the mill

Running the mill

Safety sign!

Safety sign!

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