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Posted by 3ricj on 19 October 2009

This is a small experiment. It's been a while; we don't blagh much, because we are busy working on crap and being lazy. I might post these every once in a while, but don't count on it. Also, yes, we are still alive, and more busy than ever before.

  • Microscopes. Things have been getting smaller, so it was time we upgraded our optics. We have two new microscopes in the lab..
  • An inspection scope for surface mount soldering and inspection (and anything else you'd like to look at using epi-illumination). It's wired up to a crappy TV with a camera. Using a microscope on a low-latency screen like this is pure awesome. Here's what sort of detail you can see with this system:

Min Zoom
Full Zoom

  • The other microscope is still a work in progress, but is a 400x epi scope which was designed for Petrographic Ore imaging.   Strangely, we don't have much Ore viewing going on, but if you look closely inside of things you see stuff like this:

  • We've also been slowly setting up a chem lab, so we can decap our own chips.  Yay.
  • Much in the way of high voltage stuff. We ran dueling tesla coils last weekend built by two different people.  Soon we'll have three going at once, just for fun and safety.
  • Costumes!
  • Monthly PCB fab!  We get a board made monthly, and we all chip into it.  heh.
  • We now have a makerbot!  It sometimes makes 3d stuff for us.  Hotpants.
  • Crafty tools:  "cnc" embroidery machine. Serger.
  • We can now sharpen drillbits.  Sweeet.
  • There is tons of other little projects going on all of the time, but I wanted to push out some of the highlights which I think we can talk about.  :)
    In summary: we are busy doing crazy projects; and we still don't spend much time updating the blog.

To the edge of space (and back!)

Posted by JonM on 3 June 2009

Two weeks ago we sent our buddy AHAB3 up into the air. About two hours into the flight and 56062 feet up, we stopped getting position updates. We could hear it transmitting, but it just kept repeating the same position.

Our recovery teams drove around and tried to use the secondary beacon to figure out where it was. We got some good headings using the direction-finding equipment, but then lost all signal from the payload.

We headed back to Seattle, sure we had lost a third payload.

Last Tuesday, 3ric got a call on his cell phone. A forest ranger in Idaho had stumbled across our bumblebee! He hiked it out, and a few days later shipped it off to us.

Monday morning we got a nice present at the lab, gingerly removed the SD card, and were greeted with:

The edge of space

Tonight the we're going to go over the payload with a fine-toothed comb, and catalogue what's broken and what's still working. A number of systems malfunctioned during the flight, so it's vital to know why if we want to do this again.

More photos can be found here

On the Road to Space

Posted by Gnewt on 16 May 2009


I'm currently sitting in a small cafe in Cle Allum with the rest of the AHAB3 crew. It's about 11:10 and we're drinking milkshakes and eating burgers! For those of you who don't know what we're doing, this project is called AHAB3: Another High Altitude Balloon. Careful planning started months back, and the plan is finally underway. We're launching this balloon to the edge of space so it can take pictures. We're caravanning to Eastern Washington so we can launch the balloon at noon tomorrow. The flight will last around 2.5 hours, and we're not sure how high it'll go. All we can say is that it'll go as high as possible till it bursts, and then a parachute will be deployed to guide it back down, hopefully safely. We're tracking it via GPS so our chase vans can find it when it lands.

I got to the lab at about 5:00, and people slowly started to show up. Everyone arrived with bags, suitcases, ham equipment etc. We have a total of 4 cars in our caravan so all of our equipment was crowded together, but we ended up fitting it just fine. The caravan communicates via ham radio. We're always in constant contact, sometimes we get a little crazy though. Sirus likes to provide tech support for his software using an Indian accent. Amy likes to be the Hackerbot mom and tell us bedtime stories.

We left lab around 9:00 and got to a small diner in Cle Allum at about 10. It's nearly midnight now and I'm blogging from the car again! We should arrive at our lodge at around 2AM.

Regarding blogging from the car, I'm currently the only one with internets! I'm using a Sprint CDMA dongle and although it has an awkward name it's quite fast. I'm using an Asus EeePC which is being charged by an inverter plugged into 3ric's car. With internet access we've been able to look stuff up on the wiki, check email, and have access to all those other spiffy resources that we'd be otherwise without.

It seems like the Hackerbot crew is a malfunction magnet. First off Chicken's MP3 player failed with a large pop and spark, and then some magical blue smoke. After that, we found that Adam's laptop was giving off interference on the EXACT APRS frequency we are using to track each other. Adam disabled his sound card and now all seems to be okay. Other than that our stuff is working well... but I may have just jinxed us all.

I'm about to go to sleep, due to the fact that it's 12AM and breakfast is at 8AM. My apologies if my post is sort of incoherent, I'm sleepy. Expect edits! Check back for more updates, and make sure to follow go_high on Twitter for balloon position updates starting tomorrow.

Here's Adam's interfering laptop.

Here's Adam's interfering laptop.

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We're updating the blog!

Posted by Lara Sobel on 31 January 2009

thelab-generic-iconWe've just completely reformatted our blog. Please bear with us while we replace the dummy content with real posts. Older posts about Ahab can be found in the "High Altitude" category. Stay tuned for many more posts from Hackerbot Labs.

thelab-generic-iconPosts about the lab. This is the lab category. Anything considered "general" will appear here. The most recent post to this category will be here. Posts about sponsorship. Here is an example post about the lab. It's to fill up the lorem ipsum of your delorean.


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