October 9th Test

Posted by Pierce Nichols on 28 October 2016

This was our smoothest test to date, and as a result, our shortest. We had two primary goals:

  • Demonstrate that our new hardware stack works as intended
  • Steer a given compass course

We succeeded in both, and found that we could easily tune the steering PID loop to steer a straight course. We also had our operations streamlined to the point where there was very little standing around and figuring out what to do compared to previous tests. However there were a couple of flies in the ointment. First, my R/C controller started sounding its range alarm at what looked like a quarter mile, which was not as far as I had expected. Second, I made a coding error in the latest revision of the code that resulted in a blank GPS log, so no map trace of this test.

The ease of running this test means that we can test pretty much any weekend day that has good weather. We're working hard on getting our waypoint navigation and telemetry code working for our next test.

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