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Hackerbot Labs enters the modern age

Posted by 3ricj on 5 February 2014

Hello interwebbernet,

We've been so busy trying to reinvent wireless power that we didn't notice this internet thing growing in popularity. To that end, we are trying to catch up. We are on the brink of many changes here at hackerbot labs, and one of the first major changes we would like to announce is the launching of our meetup group.

  • The meetup group enables us to communicate much more clearly when we are open and operating.  We've been doing stuff, but.. umm. forgot to tell anyone else.
  • It helps us make new friends better.  We need new minds, many of us have gotten old and cranky in the 9 years we've had the space open.
  • It might help dispel some of the myths and rumors spread far and wide about hackerbot labs.
  • Some day it might help us pay the bills.
  • The other day our website went down.  For 2 months.  Nobody noticed.   Yes, we are doing it wrong.   The meetup site might have a better uptime.  :)

Regardless, please join the meetup group, and RSVP for any meetings you see posted there you'd like to join.  If they are posted there, you are welcome to show up if you RSVP.

Cheers, -3ric

PS. I hear there is an infestation of cats on the internet.  However, I was highly, highly disappointed in the selection of long-haired cats playing with van de graaff generators.  Please help.  Meow.


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