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Locksport pick leak

Posted by 3ricj on 2 February 2012

Many of us have been backers of kickstarters. I think kickstarter is a great idea, but people should really put caps on their funding. Schuyler Towne started a kickstarter seeking $6,000 and ended up with $87,407. The sad result is that he quit his job and traveled the world for 16 months and produced zero of the rewards for the backers. We should all learn from this: Don't sign up for more than you can handle.

Here is the release the 0-day CAD files for the lockpicks promised by Schuyler. I'm told he'll put them online sometime, but it makes sense to release them here now.

Now we can all go get our picks manufactured. Chemical etching is likely the best way, but a stamp would also work dandy.

Download here: regotcad

Schuyler wrote:

"DXF files are attached. Looks like there are a few floating points in the too I just previewed, but
the gross majority of the data is all there. I'll be reviewing and releasing these under a creative
commons license on Monday, and will release multiple formats. DXF happens to be what I had in email
as that was what my vendor requested."

-3ric Johanson

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