Ethernet Switches For Sale

Posted by lklafleur on 16 July 2011

Lots of ethernet switches!!! Used for things like gaming parties, so 50 of your closest friends can come over and play WoW. Or Quake. Maybe some StarCraft. You know, bring your tower and CRT. Perhaps your basement gold mining operation. Also for dorms, boarding houses, sweatshops, 419 scams, and other places where a multitude of unwashed masses are kept. Which is different than your aforementioned LAN party. Can buy as a set (if you have lots of friends) or as individual units (if you.. well.. don't).

Contact HBL.stuff@gmail if you're interested!

Example Switch

12 x HP ProCurve Switch 4000M boxes each w/ one switch engine module with varying number of 10/100 ethernet modules and gigabit fiber modules.
Ethernet modules are 10/100 Base-T Module and come with 8 ethernet ports

6 ethernet modules + 1 "100Base-FX Module" ($55)
8 ethernet modules (0 fiber) ($70)
10 ethernet module (fan is missing) ($80)
5 ethernet modules + 1 "100Base-FX Module" ($50)
6 ethernet modules + 2 "100Base-FX Module" ($60)
1 ethernet modules + 1 "100Base-FX Module"+ 1 unidentified fiber module ($30)
1 ethernet modules + 1 "Gigabit-SX Module" ($30)
1 ethernet modules (no faceplates) ($20)

2 x 9 ethernet module + 1 "Gigabit-SX Module" ($80)
2 x 4 ethernet module + 1 "Gigabit-SX Module" ($40)

we have a box of HP ProCurve Switch 4000M switch engine modules (one free with each purchase)

Fisheye Switch

we also have:
1 x HP ProCurve Switch 1600M
with a "1000Base-FX Module" and 16 x 10/100 ethernet ports

1 x HP ProCurve Switch 1600M
with 16 x 10/100 ethernet ports

1 x hp procurve switch 2512
12 Ethernet ports + holes for transceiver ports (nothing there)

1 x Cisco Systems Catalyst 5509 rack containing:
1 x WS-X5530
1 x WS-X5224, 4 ports of 1000 Base SX gigabit ethernet
6 x WS-X5012A
1 x 10/100 Mbsp ethernet, 12 ports

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  1. levi Said,

    that thing is a beast!!!

    Posted on January 29th, 2012 at 2:22 pm

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