Surgical Lights for Sale

Posted by lklafleur on 26 June 2011

Surgical lighting. 4 units, $200 each. Used for home lighting, office lighting, workshop lighting, garage lighting, or DIY dentistry (as shown). Our last operation got shut down and we have no real reason to keep them. Uber bright and focused so you don't have to be. Will mount to your ceiling, which should probably be load-bearing as these things seriously weigh more than your mom (~300 lb). Internally counterbalanced and articulated so they stay where you put them.

Specs: 3 units are round, 2 of these have power supplies (120V 2A). The one without a power supply is $50 off. 4th unit is triple lobed and comes with power supply (120V 6A). All come with ceiling mounts.

TL;DR: bright. heavy.

contact HBL.stuff@gmail.  Note: you'll need a VERY large trunk or pickup truck to get it home.

DIY Dentistry

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