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Mad science garage sale!

Posted by 3ricj on 8 March 2011

Hackerbot Labs of Seattle is having a garage sale!
We are a community of people with a passion for science and a bunch of stuff we need to get rid of.

When? This Saturday, 03/12/11. We open at noon and go until 6pm.
Where? Hackerbot Labs: 4660 East Marginal Way S. We are right next to Arena Sports on the intersection with South Alaska Street.

Some items:
* EEG machine w/ time plotter
* Gorilla suit
* ethernet switches
* microwaves
* rockets
* HV giant capacitors!!!!!
* audio equipment
* data card printer
* ethernet switches
* misc. servers and computers
* microscopes
* wifi equipment
* surgical lights
* extension cords!!
* mouse balls
* weather balloons
* kiln
* mystery box!
* centrifuge
* telescopes pelican cases
* diathermy machine
* high voltage power supplies
* tools
* lots of books, technical engineering and other kinds
* a powerful and impressive Hitachi mill. and also deadly.

CNC mill!

Posted by DanHeidel on 4 March 2011

Ah, new toys!  Back at the beginning of the year, the lab acquired a Fadal VMC-20 CNC mill to replace our old Hitachi mill.  The Fadal is an 80s vintage 3-axis machine.  It's in excellent shape and we've spent the last couple months learning how to use it and to interface a modern UI to the front end.  We'll post more details over time but for now, check it out!

Running the mill

Running the mill

Safety sign!

Safety sign!

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