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Ar.Drone: First Impressions

Posted by 3ricj on 10 September 2010

It's not often that I get really excited about a new toy these days. It takes something really cool and bad-ass to get me really impressed. I saw a toy at GoogleIO this year, and boy was I impressed.

It was this really nifty quadcopter being controlled by an android phone. Speaking to the people running the booth, the client was open source. They even had a cute android body on the quadcopter. Fast forward a bit - - I find they are available for preorder finally.. and I place my order and wait. Today, my new toy has arrived.

Only to find out that no android client exists. I have to use an iphone? I refuse to own an iphone. And that "open source" client? Well, it's an SDK, with a highly restrictive (and really poorly grammered) license. It says if I don't want to use it to make a free game, I'm not licensed to use the SDK. WTF people. You can't show a product with specific features off at a conference (Android client) and then ship me a product with missing KEY features. LAME ASS SHIT.

There are a bunch of posts from the developers asking people to use their SDK to make an android client. And that the one shown off at googleIO won't get released. Really? Lame, LAME, *LAME*. Future Ar.Drone customers: Be warned. I think they hang you for Bait and switch sales tactics in France, no wonder french this company only sells them in North America.


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