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We're updating the blog!

Posted by Lara Sobel on 31 January 2009

thelab-generic-iconWe've just completely reformatted our blog. Please bear with us while we replace the dummy content with real posts. Older posts about Ahab can be found in the "High Altitude" category. Stay tuned for many more posts from Hackerbot Labs.

Use your waist to find North

Posted by Lara Sobel on 29 January 2009

Phil prototyping his compass belt. Xander on signage. Photo by Æther

HBL vs. Peeps

Posted by Lara Sobel on 29 January 2009

Abandon all hope all ye peeps who enter here. Shooting liquid nitrogen-dipped peeps with an airsoft rifle. Photo by lindes

Dan signals local UFOs

Posted by Lara Sobel on 29 January 2009

Dan uses steel wool and fabulousness to attract local UFOs.

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