We have a working glider!

Posted by JonM on 3 May 2008

Last night I put the finishing touches on the glider, installing the motor for testing, getting the servos configured, and getting the controls trimmed. It's all ready now for test flying on Sunday, let's hope the weather's nice and the wind is calm.

Phil worked on servo interfacing, interposing a board between the receiver and the servos to record the pulses. This also helped me with debugging the transmitter configuration. I don't know why, but R/C transmitters always seem to have the oddest, most counter-intuitive interfaces in the world.

Chicken and 3ric worked on getting the APRS ground stations configured, which also falls into the realm of counter-intuitive interfaces. After tossing out a faulty serial adapter, things looked pretty good, though.

Chicks dig the hat

Work continued well after I retired to bed: Lisa continued work on porting the autopilot software package to our platform. Phil continued hacking electrons. 3ric and Chicken wired up one of the GPSs and drove around getting sample data for the software folks.

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  1. 3ricj Said,

    Foolishly, I disabled one of the core features of the GPS we needed to have enabled. We'll have to zip out again and redo this data collection. The microtraks are now reading from the GPS, which was much much more tricky than it should have been.

    Posted on May 3rd, 2008 at 11:48 am

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