Posted by DanHeidel on 9 May 2008

We are in the throes of last minute packing and planning and the usual desperate last bits of coding and soldering before we head East. We'll be online out there and updating the website with (hopefully) realtime data from both REHAB and MOAR.

REHAB's been despec-ed a bit. We had some parts show up later than they were supposed to and we just ran out of time to build everything on this time around. However, we're still going to get some science data and lots of photos on this flight. The current plan is to continue working on REHAB while we're working to get flight certification of HABIT. When we are go for the original, planned high altitude launch of HABIT (6-12 months, it looks), we'll send REHAB up again filled with all of the planned features plus a bunch more, no doubt.

One unfortunate note: the Elphel camera that we were planning on using to get our pictures had a major malfunction yesterday. David was running it off of battery supply and the input voltage dropped. Rather counterintuitively, the onboard DC-DC converter went into an overcurrent mode and rather spectacularly melted down. We're hoping that the damage is limited to the converter module and that this camera can be rescued. We're looking into some last-minute fixes right now but it's looking rather likely that we're going to have to use some sort of backup camera instead. That's too bad since the Elphel gave outstanding picture data. If we can't get the Elphel running on this flight, we will definitely have it on any future flights.

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