Avionics/Science meeting 04/14

Posted by DanHeidel on 15 April 2008

To celebrate tax day, we had the weekly avionics and science payload meeting. Me, Chicken and Phil were there, working on various odds and ends. I did some REHAB airframe work and tested it with a 2kg test load which it seemed to handle well. I shortened the main spar a few inches to reduce the bowing from the weight and it seems to dampen oscillations quite well. I also poked at some of the Sparkfun components that arrived. Phil and Chicken did... um I guess I forgot to ask what they were doing. Perhaps they can fill in the details.

As an aside, we really do need to get some more folks down to the lab for these meetings since we're going to have to start seriously fabbing stuff soon.

3ric and Amy stopped by briefly whereupon I was chastised for putting an insufficiently sexy photo in the HamSexy page of the wiki. If you go now, you can see that has been rectified.

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