4/7 Avionics/Payload meeting

Posted by DanHeidel on 9 April 2008

Belated meeting write-up:

Several folks showed up to do software work - someone from that team should give the rundown, I probably can't do it proper justice. [edit - Lucas' post below shows some of the snazzy flight control software the HABIT team's been working on.]

I and several other folks brainstormed about the Elphel camera that's been generously donated to us and how to interface it with the other equipment.
I did some work on the REHAB support frame and spent the better part of the evening messing up numerous pieces of plastic before getting a decent anenometer assembled with 3ric's help.

Erik Villenskas, a videographer, stopped by to discuss filming of the AHAB2 work and doing some short documentary style interviews with folks. He probably won't be there this Saturday but will be around more as the launch approaches.

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